Emily Mason

Mason’s innovative style enables her to modify and personalize printmaking methods while working alongside five master printers, each with distinctly different means of image making. She approaches printmaking with the mind and spirit of a painter, creating a large and extraordinary body of monoprints, monotypes and solarplate prints, which she refers to as “print paintings.” She rarely produces editions, instead, she pursues “unique states” which allow her a degree of spontaneity and individuality with each image.

“Intuitively influenced by nature, I want to use the medium as directly as possible. Using paint and it’s inherent qualities—brilliance, transparency, opacity, liquidity, weight, warmth, and coolness—enables me to get my mind out of the way. These qualities guide me in a process of discovery which will determine the climate of the picture and define spatial relationships. While this approach results in certain kinds of places, I cannot name them but know instinctively when they appear.”