Jon Gregg

“From [Jon’s paintings] is born a sense of absolute concentration, always on the edge of collapse. They consist of layers and layers of oil paint, in which the viewer can trace the weaving paths of contemplation and tension. The theme of this artist is simply to paint, and the paintings come as offerings to painting.” Lucio Pozzi, Il Giornale dell’arte, No. 254, Maggio 2006, translation by Jon Sessions

If we can imagine an activity as environment, then it is easy to understand that painting and drawing offer artist Jon Gregg a place of focus, refuge, and peace. In his painting Jon Gregg is able to clear his mind of all thought. The act of painting becomes his world. The activity consumes the man. Rather than pursue ideas or objects, Gregg energetically reacts to marks and shapes as they appear. Familiar iconographic, stylized figures and heads and a fortress-like architecture emerge and disappear in the midst of a persistent scumbling, scraping search for visual equilibrium. The resulting complex texturing and heavy paint surface leaves no doubt that Jon Gregg has been absorbed by his activity. For this we are truly thankful, for in his search Gregg leaves us with a body of beautiful, spirited, colorful paintings and the honesty of a master true to his vision.   

-  Jim Giddings and Petria Mitchell