Lauren Pollaro

The mixed-media, assembled wall sculpture of Lauren Pollaro have evolved from her jewelry designs.  As with her jewelry a harmonious relationship is created by exploring the combinations of color, texture and form.  However,  in these magnified pieces there is liberation.  There are larger fields of color, patterns are bold, texture is tactile and metal forms reach out from the surface.  In addition, Lauren has the freedom to be more experimental with materials as wearability is not a concern as with jewelry.  These pieces are more sculpture than painting as they are multi-layered and dimensional.

Lauren often states that “anything goes – there are no rules” when it comes to her choices for materials.  Some favorites include fabrics that are manipulated by acrylic paint, various textural papers, elements from nature, and especially found objects,  such as weathered, rusty and/or patinated metals.  The pieces are collaged and constructed with painted wood as the foundation.   The artistic challenge is creating harmony with this “palette” of disparate materials.

“I am thankful to be expressing my creativity through two art forms.  They are symbiotic in that one expression generates inspiration for the other.  For example, the skills needed for jewelry making have enabled me to construct my wall pieces in unconventional ways and the wall pieces have allowed me to ‘stretch’ after the intricate, tight jewelry work.  I am never bored, often inspired and find there simply aren’t enough hours in the day!”