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Erika Radich

"I started drawing as a child. It was my parents' bold aesthetics, and joy in 'seeing,' that nurtured a fascination with the world just as it is. I have always felt a sense of wonder with how things connect, are so 'naturally' designed and how beauty, proportion, and composition exist everywhere—in the natural world. The enduring thread between art and science inspires and guides all of my work.

At college in Berlin, I was inspired by the German Expressionist movement to formalize my art study. Print-making was added to the mix—-becoming a compass and vehicle for creating images. For me, printing and repeating images evokes a sense of practice, a feeling of supplication and humility. 

The natural world and its complexities are the foundation of my art practice. I am mystified, inspired, and humbled by the intricacies of the systems that inform and embody human existence and provide the context in which we live.

The creatures and plants on earth in relationship with humans and their co-evolution is a moving, breathing entity. It is a wonder to explore the tender and energetic meeting place where the two intersect. There is a language here in this confluence … a dynamic cry or a soothing whisper … that moves us forward, together. I am inspired by this relationship and its beauty, mystery, and tragedy, and most of all its potential.

Remembering is fundamental to my work. I commemorate my own losses within the ongoing transitions of the natural world."

Erika Radich