Laurie Pollaro Wall Sculpture

WEB LaurenPollaro WakingToRain 14x14 croppedWaking to Rain  is in the current exhibit with six new pieces from Lauren Pollaro. "I express my creativity through two art forms, jewelry and wall sculpture. All of my work is inspired by color, which evokes a reaction, can be mood altering and brings vitality to my pieces. By manipulating materials I create depth, dimension, spatial relationships and combinations that speak to me. The compositions are abstract but may suggest something familiar such as a landscape or architecture. My design and color sense is intuitive and the process is spontaneous. An eclectic selection of materials includes precious metal, rusty metal, enamels, paints, papers, fabrics, wood, wax, plaster, beads and found objects." See more here.

Eric Boyer, Sprout

WEB EricBoyer Sprout2We just received a new sculpture from Eric Boyer, called Sprout. According to Boyer, "While the figurative works share my fascination with the human form, and the human history of image-making in and around that form, the vessel pieces are almost purely about the material itself as expression. The wire mesh is a material with no foreseeable limits as an artistic medium. My figurative work represents one narrow avenue of expression within a vast potential territory, which now has expanded to include purely geometrical, colorful vessels." See more of his creations here.

Lyell Castonquay Printmaker

WEB_LyellCastonguay_Studio2-cropped.jpgMitchell•Giddings is proud to represent the work of printmaker, Lyell Casonguay. His woodblock prints invoke disparate influences including Japanese ukiyo-e, naturalist works, and traditional Chinese brush paintings. We first met Castonguay as part of the Zea Mays group show and invited him to exhibit in the gallery. He is the director of BIG INK, a collaborative project that encourages the practice and understanding of large woodcuts with a variety of workshops and community printing events. Influences include Antonio Frasconi, Leonard Baskin, Bruce Waldman, and Christopher Hartshorne, among others. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including France, Ireland, and Wales. See his artist page here

Josh Bernbaum Rapport Optique

WEB_JoshBernbaum_RapportOptique.jpgWe have new glass creations, called Rapport Optique, from Josh Bernbaum. According to Bernbaum, "French for 'magnification,' this series is an ever-developing way for me to attempt to utilize one of the most unique properties of glass, to give the viewer a closer look at what is going on with the fine lines of the cane techniques that I employ." These small framed pieces are hand-blown glass with a glass orb offering a magnified image and beautiful refractions and reflections. See more of Bernbaum's glass on his here.

Couples Wins Award

WEB Abrams Scherer CouplesA basket created by Jackie Abrams and Deidre Scherer is a winner. Couples was accepted into the exhibition Excellence in Fibers IV which will be published in the winter edition of Fiber Art Now. It also won the award for the Vessels Forms/Basketry category. The jurors were Carol Sauvion of Craft in America, Perry Price the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, and Beth McLaughlin of Fuller Craft Museum. Their beautiful collaborative vessels are in the current exhibit, Human Textures, on display until November 18. See more of their work here

Bruce Campbell's Star Clock

WEB_Bruce Campbell_Star Clock1-cropped.jpg

Bruce Campbell delivered a new sculpture, Star Clock, influenced by his study of 13th century astrolabes, which allowed one to tell time by the stars or the sun. The wood base, a cast off from a timber framer, informed how the mechanics would work. Most challenging was getting the rod that holds the top—ring within a ring—gimbal device to stand vertically. The brass plates on the front were etched with ferric chloride and then exposed to ammonia fumes. Come to the gallery and turn the crank on this beautiful inclinometer sculpture as you navigate the stars. See more on his artist page.

Karen Kamenetzky, Life goes On V

WEB_Karen Kamenetzky_Life Goes On V.jpg

MGFA is now showing Life Goes On V, by fiber artist Karen Kamenetzky. She creates a visual invented biology with hand-dyed, painted and stitched silk charmeuse. "My biomorphic fiber wall hangings are inspired by the lines and patterns of microscopic, cellular imagery which I find visually and metaphorically rich." See more of Kamenetzky's work here.

Jackie Abrams New Baskets

WEB_Jackie Abrams_Kin.jpg

Jackie Abrams delivered a selection of new baskets, including Kin, 2018. She continues to explore silk and cotton fabrics, archival paper, wire, thread, buttons, and encaustic wax. "Each of my vessels can stand alone or be joined with others in support and unity, as a community of 'women.' As with actual women, each one has a story to share, a role in the world." See more of Abrams's baskets here.

David Rohn

WEB_David Rohn_Talavera Vase and Baby's Breath.jpgWe received new watercolors from David Rohn, including Talavera Vase and Baby's Breath. His ability to speak in a unique watercolor voice suggests there’s magic in his choice and command of materials and technique. The transparency of watercolor, with light reflecting back from the white paper through thin veils of color, is as pure as his freedom and liberation from an art world of expectation and judgment. See more of Rohn's work here

Willa Cox - Mixed Media Artist

WEB_Willa Cox_2015 No. 9.jpg

Mitchell•Giddings introduces works on paper by Willa Cox. "Studying and depicting the forms, lines, rhythms and atmosphere found in nature informs my abstract language. The processes and ideas that I continually develop give me tools that I use when I return to representational work. I use archival papers with a wide range of fibers, colors, opacities, textures, and weights, and methods of manufacture. My monotypes are almost always representational, my work in mixed-media is always abstract." Her mixed media paintings and monotypes can be seen here

Bruce Campbell-Kinetic Sculpture

WEB_Bruce Campbell_Portable Alchemy.jpgMitchell•Giddings welcomes Bruce Campbell, a kinetic sculpture artist. "My sculptures attempt to illustrate, in the simplest way possible, events and conditions of the natural world. In showing a falling star, a lunar eclipse, or a rainstorm, I am trying to represent my understanding of these wonders while making the concepts functional and intriguing. These sculptures demonstrate, in minimalist and transparent form, my perception of the universe—how the universe might be visualized if moved by gears, levers, and basic mechanics." See more here.

W. David Powell New Collages

WEB W.David Powell Nowhere Man 2017David Powell stopped by the gallery to deliver new collages. "Collecting old books and ephemera is necessary for this type of work. These books, many of which are rescued from dumps or bought by the box from library sales, contain the residue of our material culture. Artifacts such as these are rapidly disappearing as our visual culture becomes intangible, transitory and ahistoric." See more of his work here.

Erika Radich - Printmaker

WEB_Plankton Bloom 3.jpgMGFA is happy to welcome printmaker Erika Radich to our gallery. "For me, printing and repeating images evokes a sense of practice, a feeling of supplication and humility. The enduring thread between art and science inspires and guides all of my work. I am mystified, inspired, and humbled by the intricacies of the systems that inform and embody human existence and provide the context in which we live." See more of her work here

Josh Bernbaum Sonoran

WEB_Josh & Sonran.jpgWe received new handblown glass from Josh Bernbaum. "Utilizing traditional glass cane (or striping) techniques in new and personalized ways is the driving force behind most of my current designs," according to Bernbaum. "Sonoran  is a new series I am exploring of forms and colors that are influenced by the various cacti I saw on a visit to the Arizona desert. The natural sculptural qualities of these plants are quite inspiring, but I see these glass forms as abstractions on what I observed in the Sonoran Desert." Watch a video of this Sonoran being made here

Jackie Abrams Green Parallax

WEB_Jackie Abrams-Green Parallax.jpgWe have four new baskets from Jackie Abrams. According to Abrams, "recent vessels are faceted, created to hold our important invisible things: dreams, thoughts, ideas, wishes. My craft-development work with women in Africa has had a profound influence on my art and on my life. I have learned to simplify, to let the forms and the materials speak for themselves. I collaborate with each piece as it develops, allowing a dialogue to emerge." See more here.

Donald Saaf Fisherman

WEB Donald Saaf FishermanFisherman is one of six new collages by Donald Saaf. According to Saaf, "I try to view the pictures simultaneously as their ‘subject matter’ and as a pure abstraction. On the surface, I’m influenced by outsider and folk art from around the world and my methods are not far from a quilt makers methods, breaking down the composition into organic forms and shapes. I usually begin with a compositional idea, and once that is established, I let things grow organically. I’m always hoping to ‘solve’ the picture in a way that is surprising to me. I’m happiest when the outcome is not entirely what I planned." See more here.

Prevailing Wind by Torin Porter

WEB Torin Porter Prevailing Wind

Prevailing Wind is a new work by Torin Porter. "I think of each sculpture as a kind of tool or toy for creating a dialogue within the viewer. As we move around a sculpture or move it around in our hands, our view of it is constantly changing. It is not a fixed, idealized vision existing out of our reach. Instead, it responds to our movements and perspectives. It is by our exploration of a sculpture that its story reveals itself and we become part of that story." See more here.

Avian Collages by W. David Powell

WEB_dodo collage in mat 2016.jpg

W. David Powell's, The Dodo, the Auk, the Emperor, and the Preparator, is part of his avian inspired collection of collages. According to Powell, "the work is not meant to teach or preach, but to present images from a variety of sources in new configurations that might provoke curiosity, promote reflection on what we know and think we know, and challenge our habitual thinking." See more here.

Leslie Fry Sculpture

WEB Leslie Fry Leaf Dress

On view now in the gallery are sculptures from Leslie Fry. Her work is inspired by basic human needs: food, shelter, clothing, love, and consciousness. She models and casts by combining organic materials such as plants, paper, clay, and fabric, with plaster, concrete, metal, and resin. Fry's work is driven by the intersection of the natural world and the human-made world. See more images here.

Jackie Abrams Blues Sisters

JackieAbrams TheBluesSisters

From artist Jackie Abrams, we welcome the arrival of the Blues Sisters. These woven vessels are from her "Women Forms " series representing women, their shared stories and their shared experience. This has become a continuing study of form, color, and surface texture. See more about these beauties and Abramses work here.

Garrett Hack desk


Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts welcomes Garrett Hack, a world-renowned maker of contemporary furniture based on classic forms. Hack usually works on a commission basis, so enjoy a rare opportunity to see this one-of-a-kind piece of fine woodworking. See more about Garrett Hack and his beautiful desk here.

New Work from Donald Saaf

WEB Donald Saaf New Growth on Old Root Stock

"With a magpie sensibility, these latest works on paper continue an exploration of found local materials, old ephemera, maps, vintage hand written notes, fabric, are used as if they were tubes of paint along with India Ink, gouache and watercolors and pencils. They are usually made in one or two sittings. I try to enter each work with no preconceived notions, but instead treat each piece as a conversation or a meditation. In the end, I hope to surprise myself and when I do, I feel the pictures are complete. They are portraits of friends, memories, along with some magical beasts." Donald Saaf has three new pictures in the gallery. See more of his work here.


MGFA Presents

WEB GalleryPhotograph edited 11.2016 edited 1We are excited to announce "MGFA Presents," a video series in colllaboration with Brattleboro Community Television, featuring Andy Reichsman and Kate Purdie of Ames Hill Film and Video Productions, as well as Robert Fritz and Gene Perulis. Most of the films are MGFA's artist talks, connecting community to artist and providing public education. The first film of the series is Monday, January 9 on BCTV's local channel 8, running for 2 weeks, with four airings per week. These films will be available through BCTV's website and our PRESS page

Eric Boyer

WEB EricBoyer RedFlowerWe are happy to announce the addition of sculptor, Eric Boyer, to the gallery. Boyer has been working with wire mesh for over twenty years. "While the figurative works share my fascination with the human form, and the human history of image-making in and around that form, the abstract pieces are almost purely about the material itself as expression. The wire mesh seems to be a material with no foreseeable limits as an artistic medium." See more.

Gene Perulis Photography

WEB GeneParulisContemplation

MGFA welcomes the photography of Gene Parulis. His images are from travels to many countries, along with studies of natural phenomena and the interplay of time on artifacts and vision. "Since childhood I've been intrigued by the idea of a parallel universe, something I could readily observe in mirrors and windows, where one world reflects the other and both, if held in a unified vision, are altered. I wanted to venture into the implicit "what if?" See more.

Anne Johnstone

WEB She Told Me So3

MGFA is pleased to welcome new artist Anne Johnstone to the gallery. Johnstone works in collage, oil, and wax to create dramatic pieces that use distortion to bring forth heightened emotional response while striking a whimsical, playful tone. "What interests me are the undercurrents and energy present in relationships on both visible and unseen levels. Ironically, it is the tension between these levels which incurs whimsy." See more.

Welcome Torin Porter

WEB TorinPorter SixteenHandsWe are pleased to welcome Torin Porter as a new artist to the gallery. Torin Porter’s sculptures have been exhibited in New England galleries, in New York City, and in public spaces. His interactive sculpture installations have been featured at many Phish festivals. Growing up, he spent his summers with the Bread and Puppet Theater, and later performed with the MOMIX dance company and the rock band Jane’s Addiction. Porter was selected to attend several Vermont Week artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center, and has taught sculpture classes at The Carving Studio. Porter received his B.A in Studio Art from Dartmouth College and lives in northern Vermont. See more

Robin Cheung

mestia web We are happy to welcome Robin Cheung and her paintings and drawings to MGFA! Cheung's work is inspired by the transformation of objects as they endure through history.  See more.

Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts ANNEX

Atrium Pano webWe are expanding! The Brooks House Atrium will now be part of our exhibit space and called the Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts Annex. We will be installing our artists' work on a rotating basis in this gorgeous new space.

Lauryn Welch

PortraitWe are happy to welcome the work of Lauryn Welch to MGFA!  Lauryn is a young woman who is serious about her work, "Since childhood I have been fascinated by the emotional tug of color and pattern. Often I am thinking about how color and pattern on the body can form the conception and expression of one’s identity, as it is perceived by the self and by others. This became my primary focus after I spent an entire year as a Red “monochromat.” Every aesthetic part of my life that had an immediate presence was replaced or altered to be Red. For a time, even the food I ate."  Read More

Michele Ratté

web Island 3 Ratte 2011 In archival acrylic box H 12 x W 12 x D 4 22kt gold and palladium mono prints on hand loomed silk linens velum fishing lineMGFA is happy to welcome Michele Ratté as a new artist! Precious metals, mineral pigments, printing, collage, stitching, and drawing – all unpredictable elements in Michele Ratté’s extraordinary work. Each piece evokes a primordial connection to the earth and sea. A combination of handwork, assemblage, and natural objects merge in Ratté’s personal vision of the physical world. Her blending of high karat metals with common materials reflects a strong interest in alchemical and transformative processes ... See more

Donald Saaf

webDonald Saaf Suite 2015 mixed media on panel 24x32MGFA is excited to welcome Donald Saaf as a new artist. "For the past 20 years I have been exploring the place where fine art and folk art intersect. My subject matter draws from the local experience of community, family and immediate surroundings as well as an internal dream place. Although some of the imagery is very personal, I am always striving for the universal. The figures in the pictures are simultaneously ‘me’ and a sort of ‘Everyman.’  See more

Susan Osgood

web Susan Osgood Egypt Drawing 7 24 x 20 pigment ink on rice paper 2001 copyWe are happy to welcome Susan Osgood to the gallery as a new artist. Osgood is a painter who enjoys drawing and printmaking as well. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, she developed a deep love of the natural world along with a great desire to travel. She received a BFA degree in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1978. Touring Egypt a year later . . . See more.